Young Money President Mack Maine Calls Out Gillie Da Kid Over Lil Wayne Beef

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Mack Maine Gillie Da Kid Is Lying Over Last Weezy Meet-Up Here's Video Proof!!!

5/13/2022 8:53 AM PT

It's Tricky with Raquel Harper

Gillie Da Kid is in the crosshairs of Lil Wayne's camp -- all thanks to comments he made about his recent interaction with Weezy.

Gillie was on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" earlier last week when he claimed Lil Wayne appeared to be scared of him, saying hi and quickly fleeing the room when the two ran into each other recently.

Apparently, Young Money President, Mack Maine, got wind of the interview and flamed Gillie on Instagram, claiming he was capping over their decades-long beef. During the interview with Raquel, Gillie said he recently saw Lil Wayne at a Jackson State University event and claims a shook Weezy "got the f*** outta there!" after a brief encounter.


Mack Maine posted footage of the JSU meet-up which does see a smiling Wayne briefly connect with Gillie and his "Million Dollaz Worth Of Game" co-host Wallo — but doesn't appear to have the tension Gillie claims he felt during the exchange.

MM went on to drag Gillie further, sarcastically asking if he did indeed ghostwrite "Tha Carter" (Wayne's breakout album from 2004), who penned the other 4 successful installments.

Mack and Wayne have been thick as thieves for years, so you can pretty much guarantee Wayne shares the same sentiments.

The drama stems from Gillie allegedly doing extensive ghostwriting work for a then newly solo Lil Wayne and he went go on to claim he never got paid. Their beef thankfully never got violent but did see a few ugly diss tracks come from outta Gillie's direction.

One person who's not in the crosshairs is Raquel ... who didn't gather much animosity from the convo, just clarifications.

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