Wisconsin Police Deny Planting Drugs, Release Body Cam Footage

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Wisconsin Police Dept. Deny Planting Drugs in Car ... Release Body Cam Footage

7/25/2021 10:38 AM PT

Village of Caledonia Police Department

The Wisconsin police department that had one of their own accused of planting drugs in a Black man's car says the claim is BS -- and they say they got the full video to prove it.

The Caledonia Police Dept. posted an update into their investigation -- which they say isn't done yet -- but based on what they've found so far ... they feel confident saying the officer who was caught on video tossing a baggie into the back seat is being wrongly blamed.

Village of Caledonia Police Department

The Chief of Police, Christopher Botsch, says the car was pulled over for speeding in a 45 MPH zone, and after the front seat passenger refused to ID himself -- and finding the rear passengers weren't wearing seat belts -- the cops apparently decided to conduct a search.

CPD uploaded portions of two body cameras from what appears to be 2 different officers -- the first shows the cop in question being handed a little baggie -- which the department says was an empty "corner tear" -- by another officer who was checking it out and then going back to the car and throwing it back in ... which is where the OG video picks up.

GlockBoy Savoo/Facebook

The police say that little baggie -- which, again, they say was not illegal in and of itself since it was empty, albeit indicative of drugs -- was found when they searched one of the rear passengers, something they say you can see in a second body cam video they uploaded.

Since there was nothing in it, CPD says the cop essentially discarded it back into the car, which they say probably wasn't a great idea, but note ... nothing sketchy happened. Their video also shows the convo that happened after ... something GlockBoy Savoo's didn't.

Caledonia Police say there's over 6 hours of footage to review since there were four officers present -- so they say they're gonna need more time to get the full picture. However, they reiterate that thus far ... it doesn't appear as if anything criminal was done -- on either end.

They also point out that no arrests were made from this stop ... only a speeding ticket was issued. GlockBoy Savoo, meanwhile, doesn't appear to have responded to the cops' story.

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