Why Isn’t ‘Legacies’ Season 3 on Netflix Yet?

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when volition  legacies play   3 connected  netflix

Legacies Season 3 – Picture: The CW

Legacies is among the immense postulation of The CW shows that volition beryllium returning for different play but with the caveat that they’ll beryllium airing a batch aboriginal than usual. Despite finishing successful June 2021, the 3rd play has inactive yet to travel to Netflix contempt the longstanding CW deal.

In lawsuit you’ve not dived into the series, Legacies is simply a spin-off to The Original which itself is simply a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries (all of which are connected Netflix successful astir regions excluding Legacies but not forever).

It stars Danielle Rose Russell arsenic Hope Mikaelson who is attending a caller schoolhouse wherever she tin grow connected her supernatural abilities.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Legacies are some connected Netflix successful the United States with play 1 landing backmost connected April 5th, 2019 and the 2nd added connected April 3rd, 2020.

It’s worthy noting that lone Netflix successful the United States carries Legacies and arsenic we’ll research shortly, the bid is improbable to beryllium coming to Netflix internationally.

The CW didn’t beryllium aerial Legacies play 3 successful its accustomed October slot. Instead, it was been moved backmost alongside the different titles wrong The CW’s slate due to the fact that of filming delays.

Season 4 of Legacies is scheduled to statesman connected The CW connected October 14th, 2021.

When volition Legacies play 3 beryllium connected Netflix US?

Unfortunately, with its hold connected web television, that means it volition beryllium delayed connected Netflix excessively but worse than that, it’s not adjacent travel erstwhile we were expecting it to.

The past 2 seasons person each arrived connected Netflix conscionable 8 days aft the play finale and deed Netflix successful April.

Given the amusement wrapped successful mid-June 2021, we were expecting play 3 to get successful precocious June oregon aboriginal July 2021. However, that wasn’t confirmed arsenic portion of Netflix’s July 2021 merchandise schedule.

As of October 2021, the 3rd play is inactive yet to travel to Netflix which could signify problems with the licence either connected Netflix’s extremity oregon astatine The CW.

Legacies – Picture: The CW

Will Legacies beryllium coming to Netflix extracurricular the United States?

The amusement inactive remains unsold successful astir regions contempt the information that Netflix internationally does transportation The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

That’s not wholly uncommon however, successful caller years, Netflix has enactment a bigger absorption connected its ain Originals that aerial globally arsenic opposed to licensing prime US shows for planetary audiences.

We’ll fto you cognize if this changes but for the moment, it doesn’t look likely. Most regions volition astir apt person to hold until HBO Max’s planetary rollout instead.

Are you looking guardant to Legacies play 3 coming to Netflix successful the US? Let america cognize successful the comments down below.

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