Who sent bloody parcels to Ukrainian embassies? The truth came out

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There has been an important development in the case of the parcel explosion in the Ukrainian embassy, ​​the Ukrainian foreign minister has claimed that the said parcel came from Germany.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Koliba, in a statement, he said that the suspected blood-stained parcels at the embassy address came from a German shipping address.

Foreign news agencies Reuters According to him, he has said in a statement given on Facebook that in the last two days, the said suspicious parcels have arrived in the embassies of Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Denmark.

All parcels appear to have been sent from a car dealership in Germany, he said, adding that Ukrainian diplomatic missions had recently received 31 suspicious packages in what he described as a terror campaign against Ukrainian diplomats.

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It should be remembered that three days ago, the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid, the capital of Spain, received a bloody parcel containing the eyes of animals.

According to the news, other similar blood parcels were sent to other Ukrainian diplomatic missions across Europe, according to Ukrainian and Spanish officials.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the packets sent to the consulates were also soaked with a solution and had a strong unpleasant smell.


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