WhatsApp unveils new features to secure accounts on iOS, Android

7 months ago 121

WhatsApp has announced three new security features for both iOS and Android devices. The new security features are called Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes.

Besides the staple end-to-end encryption that prevents interception of messages on WhatsApp, the Meta-owned company’s three new features are supposed to offer further protection from threats.

According to a WhatsApp press release, the first “Account Protect” feature is intended to verify it’s really the user trying to log in when a new device is registered.

Essentially, your old device will be pinged for verification when you’re switching to a new device to provide an added layer of security, WhatsApp claims.

The Meta-owned company stated that this feature can help alert you in case an unauthorised attempt is being made to transfer your WhatsApp account onto another device.

The second feature that is new is called “Device Verification” which is designed to tackle malware, one of the biggest threats to people’s privacy and security in today’s world. Malware have the potential to take control of your phone to send messages. Now, WhatsApp automatically authenticates a user’s account without requiring any action from the user end.

Moreover, Automatic Security Codes help users know who they’re chatting with. The security codes can currently be accessed under a contact’s info in the encryption tab. Now, an automatic feature called “Key Transparency” allows users to automatically verify if their connection is secure. In the encryption tab now, users can check if their personal conversation is secured, WhatsApp says.