WhatsApp secret code: Here’s how to lock your private chats with new security feature

2 months ago 25

Instant messaging app WhatsApp continues to roll out the latest several features, and now it allows users to put a secret code to unlock specific chats.

These options by Meta-owned platform allow Whatsapp users to have full privacy and with the latest feature in place, unauthorized people cannot be able to access your coveted chats, even if the phone is not locked.

Improving the security of WhatsApp account involves various measures to protect your personal information and communications.

Earlier in 2023, the application came up with a new Chat Lock feature that allows users to secure their chats using their device’s password or biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint but the latest feature further boosts the safety protocol.

With the upgraded security feature, a secret Code enables users to set a unique password, which is different from their device’s password, and it aims to hide locked chats folder from the main chat list.

The new security code features can be accessed by entering a secret code in the search bar of the messaging app.

WhatsApp told users to create secret codes using a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, or even emojis. Furthermore, for those who decided against hiding their locked chats, the option to keep them with other messages in the chat list is still available.

The messaging app is set to advance search features, privacy issues, and other matters.

From Two-Step Verification to Fingerprint or Face ID Lock, and managing group privacy to other options, WhatsApp has changed the messaging experience.