What Constitutes the Making of A Vertu Smartphone?

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For those that keep on cribbing about the price quotation of this luxurious smartphone, this article will clear all your doubts as to why it is priced this high. The manufacturers were well aware of what they are extending to the public at large, this is why they wanted to create a product that not only met with the aesthetic value that people desired but also serves as a great mode of functionality. Vertu is the ultimate piece of gentleman’s technology and worth every penny that a person spends on it. For starters, let’s take one model of Vertu as an example. Here are the following specifications of a Vertu Signature S Touch:

Screen display:473dpi
Battery life:up to 380 hrs
Camera:13 megapixels
Operating system:Android 4.4.2 KitKat

There are a total of 314 parts of this phone. The parts of a phone depend upon the model of the phone. Usually, there are almost 200-350 parts in a Vertu phone. The next thing that people need to realize is that these parts are from seven different countries, namely, China, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Switzerland and Britain. All of these parts are then assembled in the headquarters of Vertu in Hampshire, England with acute care and consideration. One mobile phone is examined and crafted by one single craftsperson. Hence, there is acute attention given to the details of this godly phone.Now, we should talk about the most unusual material used for Vertu phones. It might come as a surprise for you to know that these phones use precious gemstones Such as sapphires. These gemstones are extremely rare and never break. The screens of Vertu phones are made out of sapphires.
A lot of Vertu phones are also studded with various precious gemstones, such as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. Also, one would know that sapphire is next to unbreakable. Hence, these screens simply can never break. You can do whatever you want to do with them! They are eternal when it comes to lasting long! Also, the screens of these phones tend to remain scratch-free for a very long time. This helps in maintaining the aesthetic value and beauty of the mobile phone. Also, sapphire is a product that is very difficult to grind and polish. This product is very slow and expensive to produce, and that is what makes it different from the rest of the crowd. This is one of the main reasons why Vertu is such an expensive brand. Also, this is a fun fact; did you know that 45 minutes were taken to physically build each signature touch handset? Isn’t that remarkable? All of the phones are designed in a way that makes them durable, lightweight, and very aesthetically appealing. The phones also make use of aluminum, titanium, with vulcanized rubber and leather. Also, don’t we all hate these huge handsets that don’t even come in the palm of our hands? This is where Vertu is extremely different! Their phones are classic and come in small handsets.

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This ensures ease of convenience and the phones act as very comfortable devices for the people who use them regularly. Now, let’s throw some shade and boast a little about this amazing brand. Did you know that the brand Vertu has also made limited edition handsets in collaboration with Ferrari and Bentley? Yes, this is what makes it so different and unique! Even the messiahs and moguls approve of this amazing brand! For all those who love convenience, comfort, and a lot of bling, Vertu is the right mobile for you. Also, if you’re fond of phones, do have a look at Vertu Signature Touch Bentley. This phone will surely make your mind go bonkers! You can always buy Vertu phone from Vertuofficial.com. If you want to know about Vertu phone price in Delhi, you should go for Vertuofficial.com.

There is a reason why the price of Vertu phones is so extraordinary. This is because the Vertu phones are very extraordinary. From ensuring the good aesthetics of this phone to ensuring that it is updated with all the software, you can simply never go wrong with a Vertu phone. Also, the fact that each and every phone is carved by one single manufacturer shows the amount of time and diligence that has been put in these phones. Vertuofficial.com is the best website if you want to buy Vertu phones. This website is equipped with everything.

The best part about Vertu phones is that from their screens to their nuts and bolts, everything is given great consideration and attention. The details are what matters in a phone and that is something that makes Vertu an impeccable brand. You will never ever experience screen breaking. These phones are built in a very sturdy manner and can simply never wither away, no matter what. Also, the kind of gemstones that are used in this phone aren’t used in any other kind of brand. Sapphires are such gemstones that you can never go wrong with. They are beautiful, they are sturdy and they are very well-equipped. These phones are crafted out of impeccable craftsmanship and each and every feature of these phones is testimony to this fact.

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