Were the Sharifs fraudulently allotted 175-kanal land in Jati Umra?

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The Sharif household had been fraudulently allotted 175-kanal onshore successful Jati Umra, it emerged Thursday.

The said onshore was archetypal allotted to a woman, Waheeda Begum, successful 1989 erstwhile Nawaz Sharif was the Punjab main minister, according to documents seen by SAMAA TV.

The land, which belonged to the provincial government, was allotted done fake documents.

A twelvemonth later, the Sharif household started purchasing this land. It was afloat transferred to the Sharifs successful a while.

When the authorities looked into the matter, they learnt that the Punjab gross section didn't person immoderate grounds of the transportation of onshore to Waheeda Begum.

The authorities has cancelled the transportation of the onshore and it has been reverted to the Punjab government.

Sources archer SAMAA TV that the substance is apt to beryllium forwarded to accountability bodies.

In her response, PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said the grounds of the Raiwind onshore was tampered with overnight.

"But we person the full record," she said. "The government's determination has been challenged and the tribunal has granted a stay."

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