WATCH: Toddler falls into water after car crash

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OCEAN CITY: A man has become an unexpected hero after he jumped into the water to save the life of a toddler who fell out of a car and into a bay after an accident on a bridge in Maryland, US.

According to the details, the 23-month-old girl fell out of a car and into the bay on Sunday after an accident that left the vehicle dangling off the guardrails of a bridge in Ocean City.

In a statement, the city’s Fire Department said that several other people were also injured in the accident.

“During the collision, one pediatric patient was ejected from the car teetering over the guardrail and landed into the Assawoman Bay,” read the statement.

The toddler was saved by the timely action of a man who noticed her lying in the water face down.

“He just jumped into action,” Ryan Whittington, firefighter and medic at Ocean City Fire Department, told CNN.

“He saved a 23-month-old child. There’s no doubt in our mind that if he had not did what he did when he did it that we would be having a different headline to this story,” Whittington added.

The man who jumped in to save her does not wish to be identified, Whittington said, adding that he was driving on the bridge and his car had also been involved in the crash.



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