Watch Kinza Hashmi’s Leaked Video — for all the right reasons

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Kinza Hashmi’s Leaked Video has been released connected YouTube.

But earlier you deliberation it’s astir her without her apparel on, spare immoderate clip to really ticker the 13-minute abbreviated movie directed by Aabis Raza released connected YouTube today, January 8, 2021.

Everyone likes a manager who takes connected “social issues” but if we were to measurement up Aabis Raza for this film, helium is worthy his value successful Bitcoin gold.

Why? Everyone talks astir societal issues but the enactment mostly produced does not spell beyond divorcement oregon other marital affairs. A existent societal contented successful Pakistan is doxxing, abbreviated of ‘dropping docs’ and that is what the sensationally and ever truthful cleverly titled abbreviated movie is called.

Doxxing is abbreviated for “dropping docs” or documents and has go 1 of the astir feared cyber crimes successful Pakistan. Hareem Shah, Sarmad Khoosat, Qandeel Baloch and Marvi Sirmed person each been victims alongside countless women who we ne'er perceive about. In the sobering communicative of Leaked Video, Raza takes connected the classical paramour’s request for a nude video from his fiancé.

The abbreviated film, produced by Elements Prime, is simply a must-watch for Pakistani women, not lone for its clever twist successful the extremity but besides arsenic a reminder that revenge porn is simply a precise existent phenomenon.

Leaked Video’s shaper Dr Akbar Yezdani says they person been approached by Indian amusement website Bollywood Hungama that wants to stock the movie connected its platform.

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