Viu launches new Arabic show, ‘Ansaf Majaneen’

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One of the hottest caller Arabic shows to travel to the portion is yet connected air, with ‘Ansaf Majaneen’ airing present connected Viu.

The amusement is based connected the caller written by noted Saudi Arabian author, Dr Shaymaa Alshareef and stars Egyptian actors Ahmed Khaled Saleh and Asmaa Galal successful the lead. The bid is based connected a young bosom transplant recipient who hears the dependable of his donor urging him to tackle a enigma that helium failed to lick successful his ain lifetime.

Available for Viu subscribers, the archetypal occurrence is disposable for escaped and the afloat bid is disposable arsenic paid content. Omar Rushdy Hamed directs the 12-episode play bid composed by screenwriter Naglaa El-Hedeeny, who has teamed up with screenwriter Mariam Naoum.

Ansaaf Majaneen Image Credit: Courtesy of Viu

Commenting connected the launch, Abe Aboul Naga, General Manager of Viu Middle East, said successful a statement: “The premiere of ‘Ansaf Majaneen’ proudly marks the motorboat of Viu’s sixth Arabic originals series. Created by and featuring a stirring line-up of determination talent, we are honoured to beryllium sharing different planetary calibre accumulation prime bid with our viewers.

“The amusement reflects our committedness to our audiences and the determination amusement manufacture arsenic we proceed to put successful creating a watercourse of archetypal productions crossed antithetic languages and genres for our Arab viewers.”

‘Ansaf Majaneen’s motorboat follows the occurrence of a scope of different Arabic Viu Original productions specified arsenic 'Zodiac', 'Ana Sherry dot Com', 'Doon', 'Wahed Wahed' and 'Hob El Tayebeen'.

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