VIRAL: Women get shock of their life after boarding flight

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A group of women were in for a shock when they found out their allocated seats on a flight did not exist. 

A foreign news agency reported that Daisy Barr and he friends, who wanted to spend their holiday, were allocated row 26 on an easyJet aircraft. 

However, they were baffled to see it as standing space. 

Daisy Barr shared a TikTok video that showed her squatting where the seats were to be. Her pals were standing there with their passports in their hands and looking for the crew for help. 

The Mission: Impossible theme played in the video as well. 

The text on the video read, “When you’re row 26 but row 26 doesn’t exist anymore”

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Daisy Barr, speaking with a foreign news channel, said they sat somewhere else. She claimed nobody from the staff came to assist them.

 “We obviously didn’t stand up during the flight,” she said as quoted in the report. “We just went and found some empty seats, and no one helped us, luckily there were some.”

The airliner spokesperson issued a statement saying there was a change in seat configuration on the aeroplane for operational reasons and the passenger were reallocated to new seats and flew as they planned.


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