Viral D.C. Sign Language Interpreter Gets Career Boost From Celebs

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Viral Sign Language Interpreter Celebs Propel Huge Career Boost ... After Gig With D.C. Mayor

1/9/2021 12:10 AM PT


The sign language interpreter who went viral for his good looks is finding work easier to come by now ... thanks to celebs like Halle Berry.

Billy Sanders, now affectionately known as #ASLbae after signing for Mayor Muriel Bowser during the riots, tells TMZ ... he's getting tons of job requests -- double his normal workload -- with inquiries pouring in from all over the country and even overseas.

I can’t with y’all. 🤣🤣🤣

— Halle Berry (@halleberry) January 8, 2021 @halleberry

Billy says he's tickled by all the attention he's getting from Halle and a bunch of popular TikTokers ... and he hopes the spotlight shining on him encourages more minorities to pursue careers as ASL interpreters.

I think he was the interpreter for the Kirk Franklin concert I went to in Dec.

— Christina Henderson (@chenderson) February 29, 2020 @chenderson

Before his newfound fame, Billy was already pretty popular on the music scene ... working concerts with go-go bands and Kirk Franklin before the pandemic. Now he's getting hit up by hospitals, urgent care centers, non-profits, major conferences and even mental health facilities .. all of whom want a piece of Billy!

While Billy's physical appearance is behind his viral fame, he says his job is more than just looking good on camera ... and he wants to help young, Black men major in ASL in college.

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