VIDEO: Cats play badminton with human friend

7 months ago 47

A viral video has been making the rounds on social media, showcasing an unlikely duo playing badminton together. The video features a group of cats playing badminton with their human friend, and it has captured the hearts of the netizens.

The video was uploaded on Instagram, showing a couple of cats playing badminton against a single opponent. The human hit the shuttlecock and one of the cats hits it back and it goes towards the cat who kicks it. Then the game goes on until one cat from the cat pair side steps on the pedal of the litter bin. As a result, the cat perched on the bin is flung straight into an open trash bin.


The video has quickly gone viral, with viewers expressing their delight at seeing cats playing sports. Many have commented on how the video showcases the intelligence and athleticism of cats, debunking the stereotype that cats are lazy and uninterested in physical activity.

Overall, the viral video of cats playing badminton with their human friend has brought joy and entertainment to people around the world. It has also highlighted the intelligence and athleticism of cats, encouraging pet owners to find ways to keep their furry friends active and engaged.