Uvalde Teacher’s Husband Placing Flowers Before Heart Attack

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Uvalde Teacher's Husband Placing Flowers Before Heart Attack

5/27/2022 6:05 AM PT

The husband Irma Garcia, of one of the teachers who was murdered at Robb Elementary School, was videotaped placing flowers on a cross bearing his wife's name just hours before he died.

This is Joe Garcia. Today, journalists recorded him placing flowers at a cross that had his wife’s name on it. His wife, Irma, was a teacher who was killed in the Uvalde, Texas massacre. Not long after placing flowers, Joe died of a heart attack. pic.twitter.com/6nrRNHdqvs

— David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) May 27, 2022 @DavidBegnaud

Joe Garcia was seen carrying the bouquet, riddled with grief, as he walked to the cross, placed the flowers next to it and walked away.

As Joe left, he looks stoic ... although he was clearly anything but.

He died later that night of a heart attack. A relative said the family believes he died of a broken heart. His nephew, John Martinez, posted, "EXTREMELY heartbreaking and come with deep sorrow to say that my Tia Irma's husband Joe Garcia has passed away due to grief, I truly am at a loss for words for how we are all feeling, PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY, God have mercy on us, this isn't easy."

Joe and Irma were married for 24 years and had 4 kids.

It's just beyond heartbreaking.

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