Ummat newspaper under fire for inappropriate language against Aurat marchers

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The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan condemned the “use of unethical and inappropriate” connection against women successful a front-page communicative successful Urdu-language regular Ummat.

“HRCP condemns the usage of unethical and inappropriate connection against women successful the regular Ummat,” the HRCP said successful a Twitter post. “The paper indispensable people an unconditional apology and refrain from utilizing specified connection successful future.”

The insubstantial published the front-page quality communicative Monday morning. Most of the women, it read, were raped successful 14 countries. The study said these countries included America, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, India and Bangladesh.

The study described the participants of the March 8 Aurat March arsenic “whores”. “Aurat March’s whores are incapable to spot these non-Muslim countries,” it read.

Aurat March is held successful Pakistan each twelvemonth connected the International Women’s Day.

In a abstracted tweet, the HRCP said the paper is besides “orchestrating a vilification campaign” against aged writer Amar Jaleel.

“Such practices bring a atrocious sanction to the assemblage of journalism,” the rights organisation said, calling connected the All Pakistan Newspapers Society and Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors to instrumentality announcement of it.

The screenshot of the quality communicative was wide shared connected societal media and radical condemned the paper for utilizing the derogatory word against women.

Noorul Huda Shah, a dramatist and short-story writer, said she doesn’t privation to repetition the connection that the paper utilized for women.

“I won’t repetition the connection but it’s the aforesaid connection that’s utilized for prostitutes successful thoroughfare language,” she told Dawn News TV. She said that those who participated successful Aurat March are the children of this “ummah”, which the paper is named after.

The playwright asked the authorities to enactment against the usage of specified language. “Can’t the authorities instrumentality enactment against it,” Shah said. “You can’t halt it and erstwhile you don’t, it feels similar they person your support.

“You girls, your daughters are asking for their close to unrecorded their lives and you are not prepared to springiness them their close and alternatively you are abusing them,” she said, referring to the quality report.

SAMAA Digital spoke to the newspaper’s editor, Amjad Irshad, for his comments but helium asked america to telephone him later. He was sent a substance connection aboriginal and helium asked america to hold but didn’t get backmost till the filing of the story.

Disinformation campaign against Aurat March

A time aft this year’s Aurat March, a photograph of a placard astir kid maltreatment went viral and immoderate radical connected Twitter labeled it blasphemous.

Aurat March had to contented a clarification that it was a placard that described the ordeal of a kid subsister of rape questioning the deficiency of justice. It said, successful Urdu, ‘I was 9, helium was 50. I was silenced. But his dependable is inactive heard arsenic helium delivers the telephone to prayer’.

A video of the March participants chanting slogans was besides shared connected societal media but with incendiary subtitles.

Aurat March organisers were speedy to stock the archetypal video, which asked for azadi from each forces oppressing women.

The fake subtitles had been written to marque “Ansar” and “Orya” dependable similar thing else.

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