Trump Supporter Pisses Off Ohio Neighbors with Yard Signs After Riot

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Trump Supporter Pisses Off Neighbors With Yard Signs

1/10/2021 12:50 AM PT


President Trump's call for unity after the failed coup hasn't found its way to the suburbs just yet ... this Ohio homeowner missed the memo, and he's got a new way to irk neighbors.

Check out these yard signs sitting outside a home in a Cleveland suburb ... we're told the signage went up Thursday in response to the deadly siege on the Capitol.

The brainchild behind the signs is taking applications for new friends, with some very specific criteria ... and he could use spelling lessons after trying to call out what he sees as hypocrisy from folks who are disgusted by what went down in D.C.

We're told folks in the neighborhood are pissed over the yard signs ... these are just the latest examples of what's been displayed in this yard during Trump's presidency. You can see some of his prior greatest hits.

Trump's since condemned the attack on the Capitol, saying he's outraged by the "violence, lawlessness and mayhem" and calling for "healing and reconciliation" ... but some supporters don't seem to be getting on board yet.

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