Trevor Jackson Defends 'Grown-Ish' Costar Chloe Bailey From Sex Scene Critics

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Chloe Bailey 'Grown-Ish' Costar Trevor Jackson Supports 'Swarm' Sex Scene!!!

3/20/2023 1:41 PM PT

Chloe Bailey fans are upset over her spicy sex scene with Damson Idris in Donald Glover's new series "Swarm" ... but her "Grown-ish" costar Trevor Jackson is advising she simply block out all that noise.

We caught Trevor at LAX on Monday, and he attributed Chloe's decision to do the scene to her being a grown-up and thinks it screams artistic freedom.

Trevor and Chloe have been starring in "Grown-ish" since its start in 2018, essentially growing up together, and he says she has his support no matter what.

Chloe plays Marissa Jackson in the new show while Damson plays her boyfriend, Khalid and the two set off the series with a short, yet effective romp that saw Chloe's name dominating the trending topics.

Halle Berry is not black she's biracial “white passing” plus she was Hollyweirds favorite. Megan Good just talked about how hard her career has been by taking these type of roles. Chole will learn the hard way we don't make up the rules.

— YANIE (@realwithyanie) March 19, 2023 @realwithyanie

Her role was eventually compared to Halle Berry's Oscar-winning "Monster's Ball" performance but only because of the doggy style position they were both in.

Chloe admitted to nerves ahead of the sex scene until Damson made her relaxed by cracking jokes on set -- but admitted they weren't completely naked and had a squishy ball thingy between their bodies.

Regardless of the reaction, Trevor says Chloe made "art" at the end of the day and thinks comparing her to her sister Halle Bailey, who's starring in the kid-friendly "Little Mermaid" remake, is a waste of time and energy!!!

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