Tourists avoid overnight stay in Murree amid snowfall

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Murree is experiencing a new spell of snowfall from Friday night, but tourists have avoided the hill station this weekend. Those who arrived decided not to stay overnight.

After the death of over 20 tourists on the night between January 7 and January 8, local authorities placed a cap on the number of vehicles entering Murree. However, the number of cars heading to the hill station is far below the 8,000 limit.

Only about 1,500 vehicles entered Murree on Sunday holding the trend seen during the past few days, Murree Assistant Commissioner told SAMAA TV.

Most of the tourists wanted to avoid the overnight stay. At least 1,000 vehicles had left the towne before the sunset.

Those who stayed behind told SAMAA TV that they have seen a visible change in the response of hotel owners and administration.

One tourist said that now wardens and police were seen everywhere and he wished that the same arrangements were put in place before the Murree disaster.

Others said people still have fears about their safety.

Thousands were stranded on roads on the night of January 7 after over 100,000 vehicles clogged up roads in Murree and a snowstorm started. Many people claimed that the hotel owners had increased the rent to up to Rs70,000 per room per day.

The snowstorm had also disrupted power supply to the region and it has not been restored fully so far, SAMAA TV reported.

Meanwhile, Galyat has been hit by landslides and heavy snowfall. At least 12 landslides have been reported between Tauheedabad and Kundla, closing the road between Murree and Galyat.

Galyat has received 3 feet of snow.

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