Top US general: hard to predict Afghan fate after pullout

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The apical US wide said Wednesday that it was not imaginable to foretell Afghanistan’s destiny aft the US unit withdrawal, informing of the “worst-case” result of a illness of the authorities to the Taliban.

“Tough situation, nary bully answers to immoderate of it,” Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley told the Sedona Forum erstwhile asked astir the aboriginal of Afghanistan.

He said that the Pentagon would retreat its past 2,500-plus forces by September nether the determination announced 2 weeks agone by President Joe Biden, to extremity the two-decade US subject engagement there.

“What comes aft that, I deliberation there’s a… scope of outcomes, immoderate of which are rather bad, immoderate which are not rather bad,” Milley said.

“On the worst-case analysis, you person a imaginable illness of the government, a imaginable illness of the military. You person a civilian warfare and each the humanitarian catastrophe that goes with it,” helium said.

That could see the revival of Al-Qaeda, the jihadist radical down the 9/11 attacks that was the people of the archetypal US-led penetration of the state successful 2001.

“On the different hand, you bash person an army, that’s a 350,000-strong service and constabulary forces and the Afghan information forces; you bash person a authorities today,” Milley said.

“They person been engaged successful counterinsurgency operations for rather immoderate clip against the Taliban. So it’s not a foregone decision that there’ll beryllium an automatic autumn of Kabul, truthful to speak.”

Milley said the champion result would beryllium a negotiated woody betwixt the Kabul authorities and the Taliban rebels, but helium declined to conjecture which of the imaginable paths the state would instrumentality aft US troops leave.

He said that adjacent aft the US unit departure, they volition inactive beryllium capable to show and prosecute Al-Qaeda if the radical seeks to grow its influence.

“We person a batch of capabilities…  successful bid to way and past people enemies of our country,” Milley said.

“Afghanistan and Pakistan are not the lone places that person these violent threats. So we’re susceptible of monitoring, we’re susceptible of striking if the request arises.”

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