This WhatsApp message can hack your back account

5 months ago 55

In recent news, a new WhatsApp scam called is being used to rob users of their personal data and bank details. This scam allows fraudsters to make people reveal their card details, however, additionally, this method is also said to infect Windows PCs, iPhones, and Android smartphones.

When a user receives the link and clicks on it then a new page is opened where they are requested to fill in a survey. Upon completing the survey, the user is given the notification that he or she will be given a reward. However, the user is redirected to a website that asks for their name, age, address, bank information, and other details that would result in theft.

Once all the details are in order, the fraudsters use the data to make transactions and engage in illegal actions through the personal information of that user. Moreover, the data provided is also used by the scammers to install harmful applications into the user’s device.

According to CNBC, a large number of people have been affected by this scam as users were promised large and expensive gifts from this website. All in all, this website should be avoided at all costs.

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