This man from Hyderabad sings in Lata Mangeshkar’s voice

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Waseem, popularly known arsenic Waseem Lata successful Hyderabad, has been blessed with the legendary Indian vocalist Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. 

“I person been fond of Lata Mangeshkar’s euphony since childhood,” Waseem told SAMAA TV’s amusement Naya Din Wednesday. As a child, helium utilized to play Lata’s songs and sing on them. It was aft immoderate clip that helium realised helium had a striking similarity with the legendary singer's voice.

“Now I had to effort singing successful Lata jee’s dependable determination big,” helium said. “There was a relation successful our neighbourhood wherever I performed successful beforehand of radical for the archetypal time. I received a batch of gifts and immense praise.”

A vocalist named Nadeem Noor, who was contiguous astatine the function, introduced Waseem to musicians and asked him to sing earlier them. “They were truly impressed and gave maine a mates of songs.” Waseem past started performing astatine antithetic events.

“Often radical recovered it hard to judge that it was my ain voice,” helium said. The euphony strategy had to beryllium turned disconnected to amusement the audiences helium wasn’t lip-syncing.

A creator by profession, Waseem said his beingness has been afloat of struggles. “My begetter was a painter, too.” Unfortunately, his begetter had to springiness up enactment due to the fact that helium was asthmatic, and the doctors had warned him that his information could worsen if helium continued painting.

 “I was lone 8 years aged erstwhile I took connected the responsibilities of our household with my elder brother,” said Waseem. The 2 learned to paint, and besides unloaded trucks afloat of logs. “It took america 3 hours to unload a motortruck and they paid america Rs20 only.”

He said they ne'er turned to begging due to the fact that they had to supply their siblings a amended future. And aft 20 years today, they are each flourishing. “My brothers enactment with maine and they respect maine a lot.”

Waseem says helium could ne'er person imagined helium would execute specified fame 1 day. He inactive feels similar helium is dreaming. “I’ve been receiving truthful galore calls lately that I don’t adjacent person the clip to walk astatine home.” Meeting his idol Lata Mangeshkar is his dream. “Whatever I americium today, it is due to the fact that of Lata jee.”

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