Therapy Works denies authorising Zahir but patient claim disputes this

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A photo of Therapy Works level 5 students that has since been deleted. It shows Tahir and Zahir.

Therapy Works, a counseling and training service, has said that it never authorised clinical practice for Zahir Jaffer, a man arrested for murdering and beheading a 27-year-old former Pakistani diplomat’s daughter Noor Mukadam last week.

On Tuesday, Noor’s body was found in Islamabad’s Sector F-7/4. According to the police, she was shot before being slaughtered. The suspect, Zahir Jaffer, worked for his family business Ahmed Jaffer & Company as a chief brand strategist and also said he was a therapist with Therapy Works in Islamabad.

Therapy Works has, however, said that Zahir Jaffer was a student. It offers seven levels out of which six and seven are their Master’s. A level four certified student can then see patients.

“Zahir Jaffer was enrolled as a student in UK Level 3 from September 2015 to September 2016. After this, he joined UK Level 4 from October 2016 to June 2018. He did not complete his coursework and International Essays, and accordingly was never ever given permission to see clients,” Therapy Works posted on Instagram and Facebook. “This is borne out by our list of authorised therapists in which his name has never been included.”

It said that their programme director and tutors oversee the clearance of students gaining authorisation to become therapists.

Therapy Works had, however, posted on its Instagram a picture of its UK Level 5 candidates and the group included Zahir Jaffer. They have deleted the picture now, but social media users took a screenshot of it.

Many people have been posting about their experience with Therapy Works. One woman went on the record with SAMAA Digital to say that she had taken someone to receive therapy from Zahir Jaffer at Therapy Works in 2019 and she had proof. “I waited in Therapy Works the entire time they had their session,” said Maham. She also has text messages to show she was in direct contact with Zahir Jaffer while she set up the appointment for the session.

He told her that he worked for Therapy Works, adding that he conducts sessions at an office near Firdous Market, F-6/2. This is the registered address on the website of Therapy Works. About five to six sessions took place there.

On the Therapy Works website, it says it is accredited with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

However, the CPCAB does not list Therapy Works Islamabad as one of its affiliated institutions. BACP has denied any affiliation with Therapy Works Pakistan.

The police arrested Zahir Jaffer and acquired a three-day remand from the court. The victim’s father has registered an FIR against him under Section 302 (premeditated murder) of the Pakistani Penal Code.

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