“The sanctions that have been introduced cannot affect the manufacture of missiles.” Russian Angara-A5 rocket will be built on time and will receive return stages

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The current anti-Russian sanctions should not affect the timing of the manufacture of the Angara-A5 rocket, said the director of the GKNPTs named after. M.V. Khrunichev Alexei Varochko in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.

“Initially, when making decisions on the creation of the Angara complex, we proceeded from the fact that all components should be manufactured on Russian territory. Therefore, the sanctions that have been introduced cannot affect the manufacture of missiles. It is worth noting that, taking into account the specifics of the industry, even before the imposition of sanctions, our Western colleagues did not seek to give us the opportunity to borrow some advanced foreign technologies. Therefore, everything that we have developed is entirely the work of Russian specialists to provide the country with independent access to space.”he explained.

So far, there are no deviations from the schedule in the production of the rocket, Varochko noted. He also spoke about the return stages of the new Angara.

“The option with the return steps of the Angara has existed from the very beginning of the creation of this complex. The option of returning both separately universal rocket modules that make up the product, and the rocket as a whole was considered. One of these options is Baikal, which, according to the project, was supposed to return to the launch site according to the aircraft scheme. In fact, it was a URM (universal rocket module), equipped with aircraft engines and a rotary wing, which allowed it, after running out of fuel at the rocket stage work site, to return to the launch site and make a soft landing. We also discussed in detail the options for returning the entire bundle of missile blocks and saving not only individual URMs. During the preliminary design of the Amur complex of the second stage, we considered the rocket-dynamic method of landing the first and second stages, which, after testing, could land on a special landing site. The project passed the defense– said Alexei Varochko.

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