The first hybrid skills training is over.

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LAHORE: Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) in partnership with Coursera has completed a pilot project of a first-of-its-kind skills program using hybrid learning model to train over 350 trainees.

After the successful completion of the first batch of training of 380 persons in the areas of professional cook, mobile phone repairing and hair and beauty service during the pilot phase, PSDF is planning to start the second batch of hybrid trainings from January 1, 2023. was developed in-house by PSDF in Urdu, and is available on Coursera along with content from other global institutions. PSDF will continue to expand hybrid learning to include other professions based on the success of this pilot hybrid training.

The objective of the program is to provide quality and standard education to all learners and prepare the country’s workforce for the digital revolution that the global economy is undergoing. This model has been introduced by PSDF keeping in view the rising costs and to take advantage of the increasing digital penetration in the country. The hybrid learning model offers both a time- and cost-effective learning solution for trainees. It is a blended learning model that combines online, theoretical learning with practical, on-site skills training. Through the hybrid learning program, learners will have access to online learning materials on Coursera that cover the theoretical component of their course and the onsite training necessary to gain experience in their chosen profession. It also addresses the unique learning challenges faced by online learners and provides a more interactive learning experience for e-learners.

Officers, faculty members visit PSCA: A delegation from National Institute of Management Peshawar visited Punjab Safe Cities Authority, Qurban Lines here on Wednesday. The delegation included 20 trainee officers and faculty members. Muhammad Asim Jasra, SP, PPIC3 briefed them about the various sections of IC3 for real-time functional demonstration of the integrated security platform. Officers were deployed across Safe City’s various arms and functions dealing in 15 emergency call centres, a video control centre, a media management centre, and the PSCA’s signature cam surveillance operations management centre. Chief Operating Officer PSCA Muhammad Kamran Khan briefed the delegation through audio-visual presentations on various objectives.

PSCA COO Muhammad Kamran Khan briefed the delegation that till now Safe City cameras and surveillance teams are busy making the city safe. Due to the integrated system of safe cities, the response time of the police is improving significantly. Modern policing helped curb crime and improve traffic flow. This system of modern policing is the need of all provinces and cities.

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