The cost of flagship models of Ural motorcycles in the United States reaches 35 thousand dollars. General Director of the Ural representative office in Moscow on the cost of motorcycles and delays in deliveries

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Residents of the United States will wait for the ordered “Urals” this year or early next year. This was stated in an interview with Gazeta.Ru by Denis Kuznetsov, general director of the Ural representative office in Moscow. “Wait. But whether this will happen in the fall or by the beginning of winter is still unknown.Kuznetsov said.

According to him, 90% of Ural motorcycles were supplied to the USA and Europe, but due to sanctions, deliveries were suspended. In addition, the products of the Russian manufacturer in the United States will rise in price.

“The lineup in the States will rise in price in any case. But the prices in the USA for Ural motorcycles are excluding taxes and shipping, so the prices on the websites will not change. Additional factors are included in the price tag directly at the time of purchase”he clarified.

Already, Urals in America are sold on average one and a half times more expensive than in Russia and the CIS countries, he added. Flagship models reach an average of $35,000 including all tax fees and logistics costs, Kuznetsov said.

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