The ChatGPT Skill That Can Earn You Up to $335,000 A Year

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Prompt engineering is a field that never existed before. Thanks to AI.

To become a prompt engineer, you must learn to create prompts that generate desirable responses from AI models.

Moreover, Anthropic, an artificial intelligence company, introduces a role for a “prompt engineer and librarian” with handsome packages between $175,000 to $335,000.

Prompt Engineer

However, being a Prompt engineer is something new for everyone. We need to look at what prompt engineering is, what prompt engineers do, and the requirements for this role.

Who Is A Prompt Engineer?

A prompt engineer creates and improves AI models using prompt techniques and procedures. Likewise, this is similar to presenting a model of how to do something by giving them “prompts” or step-by-step instructions.

Moreover, Prompt engineer responsibilities are immense as they work with large language models like ChatGPT-3 or chatGPT-4.

Besides, their job is to focus on designing prompts that generate the exact responses a user needs. Undeniably, this enhances the models to provide more accurate and relevant text outputs.

A prompt engineer performs the following duties:

  • Develop language models using established tools and techniques
  • Write prose to examine AI systems for quirks (find the flaws and hidden capabilities)
  • Analyze datasets to identify language patterns and trends and create new prompts
  • Create and maintain language model documentation, including examples, guidelines and best practices
  • Have a close look at model performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Collaborate with software engineers and scientists to integrate language models into software applications and systems

Furthermore, a prompt engineer must know the programming language to work with datasets and develop exemplary tune language models. Moreover, to collaborate with software engineers and data scientists.

Ways To Learn Prompt Engineering

You don’t need to learn coding or any programming language to start learning prompt engineering. You need to know a few things and techniques to understand prompt engineering.

  • Learn programming fundamentals: As a prompt engineer, you must understand some programming basics and concepts to collaborate with data scientists and engineers. Python is considered the best language for this
  • Learn Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) concepts: prompt engineers must possess a good knowledge of NLP and ML, such as feature engineering, text processing, model training and optimization.
  • Learn developing prompts and fine-tuning language models: Learn to use prompt engineering techniques to produce text outputs from language models. Practice different prompt types and fine-tune language models to improve performance.
  • Create a portfolio of prompt engineering projects to highlight your expertise.

The Prompt Engineers Can Get Up To $335K

Anthropic gives value to prompt engineers and pays up to $335K. The company is famous for developing general AI systems and language models. However, Google has invested nearly $400 million in this company.

Here we are listing the basic requirements for this job:

  • Excellent communication skills and love teaching technical concepts and generating high-quality documentation that helps out others
  • A good understanding of architecture and the operation of large language models
  • Basic programming skills and writing small Python programs
  • Stay updated and proactive in taking an active interest in emerging research and industry trends.

However, the field is new, so that the prompt engineer role may differ from one company to another. Whereas the salaries also vary as the area is new.

In addition, the pay scale for the same jobs in other companies might not be as generous as Anthropic offers.

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