Spooky viral video shows little boy disappearing mid-ride at fair

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A creepy video of a boy “disappearing” halfway during a ride at a fair in Malaysia is going viral across social media platforms.

The viral video saw Nur Afrina Rosni’s five-year-old son Muiz Zafran sitting next to a boy in a car during a ride. The child sitting next to her son was nowhere to be seen in the second round.

Eh eh??? Tadi berdua tibaaa sorang? 😨😨

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— Sinaran Wanita (@SinaranW) June 7, 2022

She spoke about the strange happening with a foreign news agency.

“I am not mistaken,” she said as quoted in the report. “They were sitting together. I didn’t know the boy next to him. I think the workers seated them together. While I was filming a short video, the car came around a second time and my son was suddenly alone. When the ride finished, my son came down but the boy next to him did not appear anywhere.”

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The woman went on to say that her son did not know where the boy went when she showed him the video. She said it was a scary incident and her son was doing fine.

She said she still does not know where the boy disappeared.


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