Singer Demi Lovato to address drug overdose in new docuseries

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tab PEOPLE-DEMI-LOVATO Singer and histrion Demi Lovato. Image Credit: REUTERS

Singer Demi Lovato volition unfastened up astir the struggles successful her life, including a near-fatal cause overdose, successful upcoming YouTube docuseries, ‘Dancing with the Devil.’

“It’s been 2 years since I came face-to-face with the darkest constituent successful my life, and present I’m acceptable to stock my communicative with the world,” Lovato, 28, said successful a connection to Rolling Stone. “For the archetypal time, you’ll beryllium capable to spot my chronicle of conflict and ongoing healing from my constituent of view.”

“I’m grateful that I was capable to instrumentality this travel to look my past head-on and yet stock it with the world,” she added.

In July 2018, it was reported that the vocalist was rushed to infirmary aft an evident heroin overdose astatine her Hollywood Hills home. She was hospitalised for 10 days and aboriginal went into rehab for a fewer months.

The four-part bid is directed by Michael D Ratner and the archetypal 2 episodes volition merchandise for escaped connected March 23 connected Lovato’s YouTube Channel. The remaining 2 episodes volition merchandise connected a play ground each Tuesday.

This is Lovato’s 2nd YouTube docuseries, the archetypal being 2017’s ‘Simply Complicated’.

While speaking astatine the Teen Vogue Summit successful Los Angeles successful 2019, the ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ vocalist said she was bouncing back.

“All I person to accidental is, I’m healthy. In that statement, I explicit gratitude. I americium grateful for my spot and things I tin bash with my body. I americium saying I’m healthy, and I judge the mode my assemblage is contiguous without changing anything,” she said.

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