Russian insiders also can’t download the latest builds of Windows 11

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Russian Early Access members who have tested preview builds of Windows 10 and Windows 11 can no longer download them. Users reported this on the social network.

It appears that the entire update mechanism is blocked, whether the user is a member of the Windows Insider program or not. Ordinary users also cannot download updates for already installed systems if they are downloaded directly.

As Svyatoslav Demidov explained on Twitter, when downloading updates, the CountryCode parameter is checked. If, upon request, the system returns the value RU, that is, Russia, then the download is blocked. Demidov clarified that a VPN allows you to bypass this. Then the output server gives the value of another country, for example, Germany.

Russian insiders also can't download the latest builds of Windows 11

Previously became It is known that Microsoft has blocked the ability to download Windows 10 and Windows 11 ISO images from Russia. Moreover, technical support statedthat this was done under “government orders”. However, no one voiced the essence of this instruction.

At the same time, Microsoft President Brad Smith has already declaredthat the company will reduce business in Russia “until there is almost nothing left.”

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