August 11, 2022 | 12:47pm

Ricki Lake is afloat of gratitude — and rocking fabulous hair.

The speech amusement host, 53, posted side-by-side photos revealing the translation of her hairsbreadth since she shaved it successful 2019 — and the results person fans wowed.

Showing a photograph of herself with a shaved caput successful December 2019 and different snapshot with thick, afloat grey hairsbreadth successful January 2021, Lake wrote: “For those of you who don’t cognize oregon don’t retrieve my idiosyncratic journey. These broadside by sides amusement the melodramatic occurrence I’ve had utilizing @harklinikken products.”

The star, who is simply a marque rep for Harklinikken hairsbreadth attraction and has suffered with hairsbreadth nonaccomplishment for decades, said she’s “been pursuing their elemental and casual protocol for implicit 2 years now,” including the label’s individually customized “Extract” merchandise ($88), which addresses thinning hair.

Ricki LakeLake revealed her buzz chopped successful 2020.rickilake/Instagram

“I could not beryllium happier with my results and to yet beryllium astatine bid with my hairsbreadth nonaccomplishment struggles,” she wrote, adding 3 confetti emojis.

Fans praised her for speaking retired astir her hair, penning comments like, “I admit your authenticity always. So blessed you’re seeing results,” and “Gorgeous! Thank you for being brave capable to stock your journey!”

Back successful 2020, Lake went nationalist with her issues aft “suffering mostly successful soundlessness disconnected and connected for astir 30 years.”

Ricki LakeA twelvemonth aft shaving her strands, the histrion shared a drawback of her thicker hair. rickilake/Instagram

Adding that she was “not sick” oregon going done “a intelligence breakdown,” the TV prima posted a photograph of herself with a shaved head, revealing she had been dealing with hairsbreadth nonaccomplishment for decades and was “so done with hiding.”

Calling the acquisition “debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely, each the things,” Lake admitted she had experienced suicidal thoughts due to the fact that of the situation.

“I buzzed my hairsbreadth disconnected and it feels truthful good!” she said. “For 2020 and beyond, I privation to beryllium real.”

In January 2021, the “Hairspray” histrion posted different Instagram update, this clip with a fuller caput of grey hairsbreadth swept backmost successful a chic, abbreviated ‘do.

Ricki Lake and Ross BurninghamLake joined Ross Burningham successful January 2022.rickilake/Instagram

Writing that “it’s been conscionable implicit a twelvemonth since I decided to instrumentality matters into my ain hands and shave my head,” the prima — who posted the photograph conscionable weeks earlier getting engaged to her now-husband, Ross Burningham — said she was “thrilled to stock with the satellite what I utilized to get my hairsbreadth backmost to its healthiest ever.”

Admitting that she’d been “skeptical” and that she’d “never publically endorsed a product,” Lake said haircare guru Lars Skjoth’s products had changed her life.

“My anticipation is that I americium capable to assistance others struggling, arsenic I did for acold excessively long,” she wrote. “This travel has been specified a acquisition for me, I yet genuinely emotion my hair, and much importantly emotion myself unconditionally from the wrong out.”

Ricki LakeLake showed disconnected her fuller hairsbreadth astatine an lawsuit successful March. Getty Images

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize is successful affectional distress oregon considering suicide, telephone the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline astatine 1-800-273-TALK (8255).