Return hostel fee, no on-campus exams, Islamabad’s NUML students protest

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Students of the National University of Modern Languages successful Islamabad took to the streets connected Monday protesting against the varsity's on-campus exams.

"Throughout the autumn semester we took classes online and present the assemblage has abruptly decided to instrumentality exams connected campus," a protesting pupil said.

The protesters person demanded the assemblage instrumentality them their half-semester interest and the wealth charged for transport work and hostels.

NUML students are retired successful protestation against the admin's anti-student policies, forcing them to instrumentality to field for exams aft months of severely managed online classes (for which afloat fees were charged). @ProgStudentsFed's Minhaj Swati starring slogans. #NUMLiansBoycott_PhysicalExams

— Ammar Rashid ☭🌹 (@AmmarRashidT) January 18, 2021

We privation justice.#NUMLiansBoycott_PhysicalExams #NumliansProtest_For_Justice #StudentsWantOlineExams #NumliansReject_OnCampuExams @Shafqat_Mahmood #hecpkofficial

— Saliha Malik (@Saliha69052291) January 17, 2021

"What's the intent of charging truthful overmuch wealth erstwhile nary of these services were availed by us?" different pupil asked.

A fig of students besides complained that the prime of online classes successful the past fewer months had dropped. We were conscionable babelike connected notes and textbooks, the students said.

One of the protesters added that immoderate students couldn't adjacent be the online classes owed to the deficiency of facilities. "With each this, on-campus exams volition beryllium an casual mode for them to neglect us."

Placards astatine today's #NUMLiansBoycott_PhysicalExams protestation extracurricular NUML successful Islamabad. Students are sick & bushed of being excluded from decisions astir their acquisition & their lives. #NumliansProtest_For_Justice

— PRSF (@ProgStudentsFed) January 18, 2021

Some pupil rights organisations specified arsenic the Progressive Students' Federation person joined the protesters arsenic well. They person warned that the protests and sit-ins volition proceed until their demands are met.

Varsities crossed the state moved their last exams connected campus past week aft the authorities announced that universities volition reopen from February 1.

They said that the authorities is already reopening universities from February 1, truthful they mightiness arsenic good conscionable hold the exam day and instrumentality the finals successful person.

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