Raj Kundra case: Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra says she gave first statement to police

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TAB 210120 Sherlyn Chopra-1611126828528 Sherlyn Chopra. Image Credit: Instagram

Actress Sherlyn Chopra has opened up connected her relation with the Raj Kundra case. Chopra said that she was the archetypal idiosyncratic to springiness connection to the investigating squad of the Maharashtra Cyber Cell successful this case.

Chopra shared a video connected Twitter connected Thursday, wherever she says successful Hindi: “For the past fewer days respective journalists and mediapersons person been calling me, emailing maine and texting maine to larn what is my instrumentality connected this topic. I would similar to pass you each that I was the archetypal idiosyncratic to springiness my connection to the investigating squad of the Maharashtra Cyber Cell. I was besides the archetypal idiosyncratic to stock accusation with them astir Armsprime.”

“When Maharashtra Cyber Cell had sent maine a summons notice, dissimilar others who accidental ‘My bosom goes retired to Shilpa and her kids’, I did not spell underground and did not spell missing. I person not tried to fly from this metropolis oregon this country. In March 2021, I went to the bureau of Cyber Cell and gave my neutral connection to them,” the histrion informed.

Sharing a enactment for mediapersons, she urged: “Friends, determination is simply a batch to accidental connected this taxable but since this substance is sub judice, it would beryllium inappropriate for maine to remark connected the same. I would petition each of you particularly journalists to delight get successful interaction with the Maharashtra Cyber Cell and spot your questions earlier them. You tin besides petition them to stock immoderate excerpts from my statement.”

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