PIA plane bound for Madina escapes disaster after engine caught fire mid-air

2 months ago 22

KARACHI — A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 777 plane made an emergency landing at Karachi airport soon after its departure following a fire incident in the plane’s engine on Saturday.

The Madina-bound flight was carrying over 250 passengers and it remained safe in incident said to be no less than a miracle. The jet’s captain contacted Control Tower and asked for an emergency landing, averting a major crisis.

An initial probe revealed that the pilot first tried to control the inferno using a fire bottle mounted, and that led to the engine shutdown.

After failing to douse the inferno, the PIA pilot asked for a quick return landing. After getting nod from the Control Tower, the plane returned to Jinnah International Airport Karachi safely.

Soon after the landing, rescuers rushed to the runway and completed the dousing process while a team from Civil Aviation Authority arrived for inspection.

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