Petrol Prices in Pakistan

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May 18th, 2022


OGRA announces the petroleum prices in Pakistan after every 15 days as per international market rates. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has the mandate to increase / decrease or maintains the petrol prices in Pakistan. When petrol rates in the international markets are increased, the local petrol rates in Pakistan are also increased. OGRA sends the suggestion to federal government to increase or decrease the CNG prices in Pakistan and the users can get the fresh updates of the diesel prices in Pakistan. Kerosene oil is another commodity, which is also announced and customers can get kerosene oil prices in Pakistan fortnightly. OGRA keeps an eye on the changes in petroleum prices in the global market and it takes action on the sale and purchase of the petroleum products. The petrol rates in Pakistan are changed twice in a month and users will get the new price of the petrol or diesel. We update the CNG rates in Pakistan, petrol rates in Pakistan today and also the kerosene oil rates in Pakistan. The customers should visit this site time and again to check the latest and updated price of the petroleum products.

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