Paul Haggis' Name to Be Stripped from Park If Convicted of Sexual Assault

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Paul Haggis Canadian Park Will Drop His Name ... If Convicted of Sexual Assault

7/2/2022 12:20 AM PT

"Crash" director Paul Haggis will see his name removed from a city park in his Canadian hometown if he's found guilty of sexual assault ... and if the city council gets its way.

South London, Ontario honored the Oscar-winning filmmaker back in 2011 with the Paul Haggis Park, but since his recent arrest in Italy for allegedly forcing a woman to have sex with him at a bed and breakfast ... there's a growing movement to change that.

London City Council member Elizabeth Peloza, whose district covers Paul Haggis Park, tells TMZ ... she's closely following Paul's case, and if he's convicted she will file a motion to immediately remove his name from the park.

Peloza says the allegations against Paul are very serious and she's committed to creating a safe space for women and girls at the park ... which is why she would be in favor of scrubbing his name.

Paul's lawyer says his client is innocent of the allegations, and the reality is the director's probably way more concerned with maintaining his freedom than keeping his name on the park.

Still, the outcome of Haggis' case could impact future map-making in his hometown.

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