Pakistan Open Market Rates

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May 18th, 2022


In the open market, the currency exchange companies operate their business by providing foreign currency in Pakistan open market rates. The customers can find open bank currency rates for all leading and top currencies in Pakistan. People can view their online open market currency rates including USD to PKR, GBP to PKR, EUR to PKR, CHF to PKR, and customers will also find US Dollar to Pak Rupee, GB Pound Sterling to PKR, Swiss Frank to PKR, UAE Dirham to PKR, Australian Dollar to PKR, Japanese Yen to PKR and others. The leading foreign currencies are available in open market but there is variation in rate in interbank and open market. We update our foreign currency rates in Pakistan everyday according to exchange dealers in Pakistani market including Canadian dollar to PKR, Omani Rial to PKR, Malaysian Ringgit to PKR, Bahraini Dinar to PKR, Chinese Yuan to PKR, Hong Kong Dollar to PKR and others. You can view today open bank foreign currency exchange rates like Norwegian krone to PKR, Danish Krone to PKR, Singapore dollar to PKR, Hong Kong dollar to PKR and you can also check its history graph of fluctuation of rates with the international currency rates.

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