Pakistan officials meet Friday to discuss reopening schools

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A gathering of Pakistan acquisition and wellness ministers volition beryllium held Friday to reappraisal the coronavirus concern and consequent reopening of acquisition institutes.

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood shared the news on Twitter. “While I desperately privation acquisition to continue, the final decision volition beryllium connected wellness grounds,” helium said.

The well-being of students would ever beryllium a apical priority, the curate added.

Pakistan closed each acquisition institutes from November 26, 2020 aft a 2nd question of coronavirus deed the country. Schools were reopened from September 2020 aft remaining closed for six months.

The authorities earlier this period announced reopening acquisition institutes from January 18. But the determination was taxable to the coronavirus situation.

The committee exams scheduled for March/April were delayed till May/June.

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