Pakistan army chief reaches Saudi Arabia on official visit: ISPR

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Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has reached Saudi Arabia connected an authoritative visit, the ISPR said Tuesday.

The service main volition conscionable high-level Saudi civilian and subject leaders during the visit, according to the ISPR.

Defence practice betwixt the 2 countries, determination concern and important planetary affairs volition beryllium discussed successful the meetings.

Prime Minister Imran Khan volition besides beryllium visiting the kingdom aboriginal this week, Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi, his peculiar typical connected spiritual harmony, said Monday.

Ashrafi said the premier volition conscionable Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation caput wide and different officials during his sojourn to the kingdom.

Earlier successful the day, PM Khan said the West has linked radicalism and extremism with Islam and Muslims implicit the years. He was speaking to Islamabad-based ambassadors of the OIC subordinate states.

The premier curate said that radical successful the West can’t separate betwixt an mean Muslim and a extremist Muslim.

“They nexus each blast oregon termination onslaught with Islam without realising that it has thing to bash with the religion,” helium said. “I judge terrorists person nary religion and there’s nary specified happening arsenic extremist Islamists.”

All the Muslim countries should travel unneurotic and destruct this Islamophobia from the West, PM Khan suggested.

“No nine successful the satellite should beryllium judged based connected extremes,” helium said.

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