Netflix K-Drama Adaptation of ‘Money Heist’: Cast Announced & What We Know So Far

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Money Heist – copyright. Atresmedia

When Money Heist comes to an extremity with its fifth play successful 2021, fans volition beryllium near with a Salvador Dalí mask-shaped spread successful their heart. This means fans volition beryllium delighted to larn that they tin soon acquisition the magic each implicit again acknowledgment to Netflix announcing the Korean adaptation of the Spanish crime-drama.

The depletion of South Korean media has grown rapidly implicit the past decennary and successful peculiar for the K-Drama series. Netflix has enactment a monumental magnitude of effort successful procuring immoderate of the champion and latest K-Dramas available, fast-tracking themselves arsenic 1 of the champion streaming services for K-Drama-related content. The summation of the Korean adaptation of Money Heist lone brings much worth to the Netflix library.

Directing the bid volition beryllium Kim Hong-sun, who has antecedently worked connected K-Dramas specified arsenic Voice and The Guest. The screenwriter of the Netflix Original bid My Holo Love, Ryu Yong-jae, volition enactment arsenic the screenwriter for the upcoming adaptation. Production of the bid volition beryllium a collaboration betwixt BH Entertainment and Content Zium.

When is the K-Drama Money Heist coming to Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed the merchandise day for Money Heist, but we’d expect to spot the bid get successful precocious 2021 oregon aboriginal 2022.

Who are the formed members of Money Heist?

In a recent property release, Netflix has confirmed each of the pb and supporting formed members of Money Heist:

The Gang
  • The Professor – Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Berlin – Park Hae-Soo
  • Tokyo – Jun Jong-Seo
  • Moscow – Lee Won Jong
  • Denver – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Nairobi – Jang Yoon-Ju
  • Rio – Park Jung-Woo
  • Helsinki – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Oslo – Lee Kyu-Ho
The Task Force
  • Seon Woojin – Kim Yunjin
  • Cha Moohyuk – Kim Sung-O
The Hostages
  • Cho Youngmin – Park Myung-Hoon
  • Yoon Misun – Lee Joobeen

The breathtaking South Korean formed is definite to beryllium conscionable arsenic entertaining arsenic their Spanish counterparts.

netflix korean adaptation wealth  heist cast

Some of the South Korean actors and their Spanish counterparts.

Will creator Alex Pina beryllium progressive with the K-Drama adaptation?

Judging by the accusation provided successful the announcement, the creator Money Heist, Alex Pina, won’t beryllium progressive successful the accumulation of the series, but had the pursuing to accidental astir the Korean adaptation:

Korean creators person been processing their ain connection and audiovisual civilization for years. They person managed, similar our series, to spell beyond taste borders and go a constituent of notation for thousands of viewers astir the world, particularly among young people. That is wherefore I find it fascinating that the satellite of La casa de papel is truthful charismatic to Korean creators arsenic to bash an adaptation. The information that the enactment is acceptable connected the Korean Peninsula besides seems to maine to beryllium a milestone which I americium truly delighted about.

What is the occurrence count?

The archetypal play of Money Heist volition person a full of 12 episodes. Each occurrence volition person a runtime of 60 minutes.

Are you excited for a K-Drama adaptation of Money Heist? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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