Mother from Russia complained about her son-gamer to the police — he evaded military service

2 months ago 99

In the suburbs there was a curious incident. A resident of Odintsovo, Elena Valentinovna, wrote a statement to the police, where she accused her own 22-year-old son Kirill of evading military service.

The bottom line is that the guy sells fingerboards (mini finger skateboards), as well as knocking out cases from Counter-Strike and buying gadgets to increase the level in the game. The mother did not like this approach to life, it seemed to her that it was time for her son to grow up. Therefore, she turned to law enforcement agencies.

According to the Telegram channel “Caution, news”, the mother brought a statement to the police and asked to take action. It is not yet reported whether any actions were taken by law enforcement agencies.

Note that earlier in Roskomnadzor launched app to report illegal content.

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