Mani expresses disappointment over ‘10-minute’ fame

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Actor Salman Shaikh, popularly known arsenic Mani, has shared his views about the conception of fame backmost successful the time and however it has transformed and been made a batch much convenient by societal media.

“In the early-2000s erstwhile I joined, the budding backstage TV transmission industry, writers and hosts could lone past if they had bully content,” Mani said successful his enactment titled Content vs Controversy.

The histrion said that content had to beryllium produced each week, but successful this property of 10-minute or 30-second videos (vlogs and TikToks), it has go alternatively convenient for content creators to disturbance controversies for attention. 

“Content has disappeared and its disfigured relative ‘controversy’ has taken over,” Mani remarked. He pointed out that radical identifying themselves arsenic “content creators” mock and blame others and marque idiosyncratic attacks to get noticed. 

Mani wondered if intelligence, intellect, penning and pens should beryllium buried present that they are no longer needed. 

Video sharing apps, including TikTok, person been criticised for the convenience they connection for contented creation. Many Youtubers reason that the 10-second clips, changeable utilizing audio snippets from songs and films, are not original, but rip-offs. But Mani whitethorn beryllium targeting the aforesaid YouTubers present for their “roast” and “diss” videos.

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