Man, 12 other family members attempt suicide after police denies FIR

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On Feb 24, 2021 Last updated Feb 24, 2021


JATOI: At least 13 people of a single family attempted on Tuesday self-immolation after spraying upon themselves gasoline before Police claimed to reach the scene and salvaged the family from jaws of possible death, ARY News reported.

It is within the remits of Shaher Sultan that the incident eventuated earlier today wherein a man with his wife, four other female members, and seven minors, attempted to set themselves ablaze but the security officials reportedly reached the scene to rescue the family.

According to the family head Shehzad, he sought to file a complaint against his in-laws over some dispute, uncertain at the moment, but since police impeded his plea he resorted to a suicide attempt with his entire family.

Later the police booked Shehzad himself for terrorizing public and attempted suicide both of which are criminal offenses.

READ: Lahore mother admits to setting ablaze two minors, blames husband’s violence

Separately in an even appalling event to have transpired yesterday in Lahore, the heartless mother who was detained by police on the dreadful charges of setting two of her sons on fire has confessed Tuesday to the crime while blaming her husband’s repeated violence propelled her to commit the murders.

In a video statement earlier today, the mother Tanzeela Bibi admitted to setting her sons ablaze in the room after an orchestrated plan where she sprinkled gasoline on the bed beforehand.

She said she could not choke the sons to death and instead set fire on their bed which spread to contiguous furniture and items as well.



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