Mama June's Daughter Chickadee Fighting Hard But Losing Hair in Cancer Battle

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Mama June's Daughter Chickadee Fighting Hard but Losing Hair in Cancer Battle

3/31/2023 12:45 AM PT

Mama June's daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell is battling for her life but remains optimistic in her fight against stage 4 cancer, but as you see from the photos, the struggle is real.

Family sources tell TMZ ... 28-year-old Anna recently underwent her first round of chemo and her hair's coming out in chunks. Her hair, however, is almost beside the point, as she battles adrenal carcinoma cancer that has spread to her lungs, kidney and liver.

Despite the diagnosis, we're told Anna has a positive outlook ... she's dealing with the hair loss by shopping for a wig. Again, it's not her primary focus.

Anna's taking steps in every way, including changing her diet -- cutting out sugars and eating more protein. She's having difficulty eating because of numbness in her tongue.

It sounds like the chemo is also changing Anna's sleep pattern ... we're told she's exhausted and sleeping throughout the day but is having trouble sleeping at night.

Anna, who has two kids, has also been forced to quit her job as a car salesperson ... instead choosing to use all her energy to focus on her recovery.

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