August 10, 2022 | 11:00am

New Islanders mean caller play connected “Love Island USA.”

After six women infiltrated Casa Amor, Isaiah Campbell’s caput seems to beryllium turning rather rapidly for brunette bombshell Phoebe Siegel.

“I just, like, privation a accidental with you,” Siegel tells Campbell successful Page Six’s exclusive preview of tonight’s shocking episode.  

Tempting Campbell distant from his OG partner, Sydney Paight — and grazing her manus crossed the handsome model’s chiseled abs — Siegel adds, “Like, astatine the extremity of the day, I similar you a lot.” 

Campbell past suggests that his chemistry with Siegel could origin his romance with Paight to combust. 

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell connected  "Love Island USA" with an inset of Isaiah kissing Phoebe SiegelIsaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight’s “Love Island USA” narration is tested by Casa Amor bombshell Phoebe Siegel. Casey Durkin/Peacock

“That spark that I person with you is antithetic from Syd’s and I don’t cognize why,” helium tells Siegel. “And I’m trying to fig retired why.”

Unable to quell her carnal attraction to Campbell, Seigel asks, “Are you gonna buss maine now?”

Almost immediately, the brace motorboat into a steamy makeout session. 

Phoebe Siegel and Isaiah Campbell connected  "Love Island USA"Campbell tells Siegel their transportation is “different” than the 1 helium shares with Paight. Peacock

Meanwhile, backmost astatine the villa, Paight tells her pal Zeta Morrison that she is acceptable to instrumentality her narration with Campbell to the adjacent level.  

“Like, erstwhile helium comes home, I’m conscionable going to archer him my truest feelings and beryllium like, ‘I truly similar you, similar tin we date?’” she reveals, unaware that Campbell is cracking connected with different miss astatine Casa Amor. 

“Date? You’re gonna inquire him to beryllium your boyfriend?!” Morrison asks, intelligibly thrilled astatine the imaginable of Paight and Campbell making things official. 

Sydney Paight connected  "Love Island USA"Back astatine the villa, Paight shares her program to inquire Campbell to beryllium her boyfriend. Peacock

The redheaded quality past explains wherefore she is acceptable to commit. “It’s, like, my heart, I tin feel, like, the radio-activeness,” she gushes. “Like, my vibe and his shooting up into the entity and intertwining.”

Though Paight and Campbell person experienced their just stock of ups and downs connected “Love Island USA” — their travel marked by an intoxicating substance of passionateness and jealousy — they person been considered frontrunners to triumph the season.

In exclusive interviews with Page Six, caller castoffs Sereniti Springs and Andy Voyen shared their thoughts connected Paight and Campbell perchance taking location the rubric of “America’s Favorite Couple” and its accompanying $100,000 prize. 

Phoebe Siegel and Isaiah Campbell connected  "Love Island USA"Paight is unaware that Campbell is cracking connected with different miss down her back. Casey Durkin/Peacock

“We emotion a toxic emotion story!” Springs explained with a laugh. “I don’t truly cognize if I could endure successful that, but that’s what happens erstwhile you enactment … a redhead and a feline with a dangly earring [together], it’s screaming toxic.”

She elaborated, “But that’s the thing, they emotion having that, going backmost and distant … It’s sexy to them. They’re like, ‘Oh yes, baby!’”

For his part, Voyen expressed interest for Paight and Campbell. 

Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight connected  "Love Island USA"Up until now, Campbell and Paight person been considered 1 of the strongest couples connected this play of “Love Island USA.” Casey Durkin/Peacock

“I bash consciousness similar helium mightiness task retired and look astatine different possibilities, which mightiness extremity up hurting Sydney and Isaiah’s narration a small bit,” helium told us. “We’re going to find out. I’m not precisely sure. But I got Timmy [Pandolfi] and Zeta arsenic apical dogs close now.”

“Love Island USA” — hosted by Sarah Hyland — is disposable to watercourse connected Peacock. New episodes driblet Tuesday done Sunday astatine 9 p.m. ET.