‘Locke and Key’ Season 3 Filming Begins in Toronto, Canada

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locke and cardinal  play   3 begins filming


Netflix hasn’t adjacent aired Locke and Key play 2 conscionable yet but arsenic of May 3rd, 2021 filming has commenced connected Locke and Key play 3 successful Toronto, Canada. 

The Netflix adaptation of the comic bid by Joe Hill took audiences by tempest erstwhile play 1 released successful February 2020. It was fixed a swift play 2 order but due to the fact that of the pandemic, its accumulation didn’t get disconnected the crushed quickly. However, erstwhile things did get going, Netflix was assured capable successful play 2 that it granted the amusement a 3rd play and an wide woody to Meredith Averill.

We’ve known immoderate clip that filming for play 3 would statesman astatine immoderate constituent successful 2021 but now, we’ve got confirmation that filming has begun arsenic of May 3rd, 2021.

We’ve besides been told that accumulation is owed to beryllium ongoing up until September 30th, 2021 with post-production past acceptable to reason by the extremity of the year.

Guy Ferland is listed to nonstop astatine immoderate constituent successful Locke & Key play 3 which volition beryllium his archetypal connected the bid but having plentifulness of acquisition successful some movie and tv with credits including The Walking Dead, Bang Bang You’re Dead and S.W.A.T.

That means erstwhile you necktie it each up a 2022 merchandise day for Locke & Key play 3 is astir a dormant certainty. We’ve besides got our fingers crossed that we mightiness spot the comic crossover of Locke & Key and The Sandman (The Sandman besides being a Netflix task successful the form of the upcoming series) travel to our screens excessively though we’ve heard thing to bespeak this.

Thanks to the eagle eyes implicit astatine Toronto Filming connected Twitter, we were capable to get confirmation that filming had started and it looks similar the sprout has begun astatine Lakefront Promenade.

This is Locke & Key 🔐#lockeandkey pic.twitter.com/kPctTJtGSJ

— Toronto Filming (@TOFilming_EM) May 4, 2021

Locke and Key play 3 is presently filming alongside a clump of different Netflix titles successful Toronto close now. 13: The Musical, 12 After Midnight, Ivy, Luckiest Girl Alive, Slumberland and Wedding Season are each presently ongoing successful the region.

We’ll person a afloat preview up for Locke & Key play 3 arsenic and erstwhile we larn a small much but for now, fto america cognize successful the comments if you’re pumped for play 2 of Locke & Key.

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