Little Kid Schools Anti-Masker in Walmart, 'Don't Be a Jerk'

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Anti-Masker Little Kid Schools Him ... 'Don't Be a Jerk!!!'

1/12/2021 9:35 AM PT

Amber Hill/Facebook

Even kids have an eye now for anti-mask madness 10 months into the pandemic ... so, ya gotta see this mini Dr. Fauci lay down the law as police kick an anti-masker outta Walmart.

Our little hero here hails from North Carolina, where he kept his camera rolling and his mouth running as the anti-masker set a bad example in front of some masked up families at the register.

The little guy says he's just trying to play his video games in peace as the anti-masker argues with his parents, telling the man to shut his trap during a rant about not needing a mask.

The anti-masker claims he doesn't need a face-covering because his sheriff allegedly says so ... and the tense situation ends up with police coming, and telling the guy he's wrong as they show him the door.

It's a pretty intense standoff, complete with claims of reverse racism ... and the kid gives some sage advice, "don't be a jerk all the time, okay?"

Well said, little buddy.

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