LeBron James Says He's Too Cheap To Pay For Twitter Blue Check

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LeBron James Twitter's Not Getting My Money!!! ... Blue Check Be Damned

3/31/2023 10:21 AM PT

LeBron James -- a billionaire -- says Elon Musk can't get him to shell out $8 a month to keep his Twitter verification ... admitting he's simply too cheap to cough up the dough.

The new Twitter CEO recently announced major changes to his social media platform ... saying any "legacy" account that wants to keep its blue badge will have to pay starting April 1 -- with a few exceptions to major companies.

The move has been met with hesitancy for several reasons -- one, the date falls on April Fools Day, and Musk is known to be a troll ... so there's still speculation it could all be a stupid prank. Two, most people, LeBron included, don't think it's worth paying nearly $100 a year just to be verified.

"Welp guess my blue ✔ will be gone soon cause if you know me I ain't paying the 5," LeBron tweeted on Friday.

Of course, just because LeBron's filthy rich doesn't mean he's obligated to pay up ... but it's pretty interesting he doesn't care about maintaining his official status, considering he was targeted by trolls when Musk first decided to give blue checks to anyone who paid for Twitter Blue back in November.

Twitter's New Paid Verified Check Causes Frenzy After Fake LeBron Trade Tweet


Twitter's New Paid Verified Check Causes Frenzy After Fake LeBron Trade Tweet

The end result was an account pretending to be LeBron making a trade request from the Lakers ... which had NBA Twitter running wild for a split second.

In case he really does lose it, just remember @KingJames is really LeBron. Check or no check.

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