Latest AdDuplex Stats: PCs Running Windows 11 Up 3.5% in Two Months

1 month ago 21

Fresh AdDuplex statistics show that Windows 11 is gradually finding more and more adherents. So if as of the end of April Since the stable version of Windows 11 was installed on 19.7% of PCs, as of the end of June, Windows 11 had already “captured” 23.1% of PCs.

Moreover, if you add up the share of stable Windows 11 and its test versions, you get 23.9% – exactly the same share is occupied by Windows 10 21H1 – the second most common version of Windows 10. The first place is firmly occupied by 10 21H2, which in these two months only strengthened its positions – the share increased from 35% to 38.2%.

AdDuplex statistics are compiled from over 5,000 applications using the AdDuplex v2 SDK in the Microsoft Store, but only about 60,000 PCs worldwide are sampled.

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