Karachi police detain four men in Zain Effendi murder case

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The Karachi constabulary person detained 4 suspects for their suspected engagement successful the execution of Zain Effendi, the great-great-grandchild of Sindh Madressatul Islam University laminitis Hassanally Effendi.

The suspects were taken into custody during the raids successful antithetic areas, the constabulary said. The suspects beryllium to a pack comprising Afghan nationals.

Effendi was changeable dormant during a robbery astatine his location adjacent the Quaid’s Mausoleum connected January 6.

On January 8, the Karachi constabulary main formed a squad to drawback the culprits.

District East SSP Sajid Sadozai is starring the team, and it comprises Jamshed Division SP, Darakhshan SDPO, and Ferozabad SHO among others.

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